Blood of the Gods

Within the Monastery

Inside the monastery there are only a few people who actually speak:
Temba Wide-Arms

The rest are meditating in a large open room. They sit in a circular position, fixed around the center of the room. You can see your faint outline in the dully polished floor, but at the center of the room the stone is rough and untouched.

A man in threadbare violet robes stands in the corner. A homunculus floats near him, scribbling with a quill and paper. The man approaches a monk to listen to his breathe and homunculus follows him, continuing to scribble.

You feel your mind begin to empty, and your breathe anchors you to the room around you. You can hear only the quiet breathe of your companions beside you, and the steady hum of the point of light. The hum grows louder, and you can feel it stretching around you, touching your skin and warming you. You feel the light completely envelope you as you grow calmer, and calmer. The noise is almost deafening now, mutating into a piercing whine.

The humming stops. You feel a warm breeze. The air smells sharp, like spoiled eggs.

You have arrived, though you seem to be in the same room. All the monks are gone however, and the stone is rough and unpolished.

A small lake of lava flows around pillars of earth, gurgling and spewing below the monastery.



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