Blood of the Gods

Thoughts -- R'aalduin

Altuniak, 3 o'3, 605 AS

I have obtained a log book with which to keep track of my activities. I have notices that time means little to me, and it seems I have difficulty recalling events. I am hoping this log will help me to… remember. Currently, I remember little of my hatching. I know my days were spent in Nephis, but how did I become grown, what have I done since, how did i find myself with these strange companions? They are a ragtag but still i fight for them for I feel a strong bond. I don’t even know how I am skilled with combat. When I sleep, flashes of distant lives awaken me. I see a woman whom I do not know yet sorrowfully miss, I see the God-King commanding me with disdain, I see inns from the slums filled with laughter I do not hear. I see Garrow teaching me the ways of war though I do not know how I know his name. I fear for sleep for I fear for slipping away into tomorrow. There was a cat that spoke, I did not trust it. It spoke in riddles. We followed the path and I found myself at the Lady’s table. She lives well and has much food. All vegetable though, they don’t eat meat! Soon she asks what our quest is and I am curious: I share this question. I learn that the group is working for the Raven, Inara. I do not trust the Bird God though I know not why. We search for a relic, though I know not why. We make way towards a monastery in the morning. The elves bring out some strange plants an burn it. I abstain from it as I see Nahiri takes from it strongly. The cat came back! My group converses with the beast and it speaks of corruption and attempted assassination of the fair lady… I just finished battling a celestial charge with an order to assassinate Lady Dihena! We foiled its plot and interrogated the being. Whilst it was trapped in its cage it called out to me: “Our Father’s forsaken bastard.” I know not what those words mean but my kin-fire flared strangely and my companions looked uneas when the angel claimed that “I would not now through broken thoughts.” What did that mean? Does that have a conenection with my night terrors of forgotten lands? Why did the angel speak as if it knew me? I obtained holy feathers from the angel’s wings and affixed them to my sword which I was granted permission to wield freely in Amakiir after aiding the queen. I am anxious to see where these events take me and my companions.



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