Blood of the Gods

On The Road

The spy was destroyed All praises to the Blooded Ravens, the champions of Inara!

A celebration is held by the high-elves for the parties aid in uncovering the celestial plot. The party enjoys themselves (Keldraz and Duin perhaps the most), and the Istari’s body was burned.

Lady Dihena gifts several items to the party, including a Messenger Feather for each member. To Riahl she gave a lock of her hair, enchanted to allow telekinesis. Some riding deer as well.

Eventually, they find themselves at helel elfrel, the bridge to the island where the monastery rests. After a night in the ranger’s station at the bridge they encounter Jack, a human peasant seeking the monastery for religious reasons. He wears simple clothes, and wields a standard short blade, but seems quite proficient with it.

Riahl leads them to the monk’s road. The monk’s road is an underground path carved by elemental magic. It can only be accessed by a display of elemental control (usually burning the stone door is enough).

After going through a twisting tunnel system they reach the entrance. The tunnel expands into a cavern with a huge entrance opening to the world outside. There is a natural spring flowing into the cavern, and several scaleable walls. In the distance, at the edge of the cave (and the world) is the monastery, barely discernible through the mist.

The only way across is by several invisible platforms of force. Using sand and general investigation they are able to discern the location of the platforms and cross, though Riahl nearly falls to his death.

A lone monk meditates on the oak tree.

“You should not have come here, Riahl Diirn.”



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