Blood of the Gods

The Lady of Amakiir

Minds scrambled, our adventurers are set upon by the elvish royal guard. There are nine rangers, and one abjuration wizard. They are led by an androgynous arcane trickster. Erdan will recognize her slowly as Ena, the daughter of the elf lord he served under, Melorn. It seems she is now the Lady of Amakiir.

There is an elvish fort here, formally under control of Istanu’s forces, but the elves were able to take it back a few hours prior, and they are here making repairs and accounting for the dead. Among the dead is a naked elf with a burned face, whose features can’t be distinguished. The bodies of the elves are wrapped and transported back with Dihena.

Either way, they will take the forest path to Amakiir. This path is meant to deter outsiders, and is not visible unless you can speak the passphrase (narmin, or the Raven’s Road). They will enter through the Pass of Yawena to Amakiir.

The city is beautiful, with many different corners to explore.

A cat sitting peacefully on a windowsill outside the library He will raise his head to the adventurers and nod. Erdan addresses it and the cat responds. They share pleasant conversation.

The party has a difficult time understanding the economic system (or lack thereof) and is approached by a gnome offering to cut them into the black market if they need goods.

Eventually a courier comes to fetch the party for dinner. It is a simple meal served at the Sunsword Tower, consisting of a lot of greens, cram, and sogannen. They eat with Lady Dihena and her advisors (one elderly elf man, Tosalal, and one stern elf woman). Dihena inquires about why the party is traveling through Pethro and if they need assistance. As they are leaving the cat Toneni warns them that someone came back different from the reclamation.

They investigate the bodies, and find a ring tan line on the disfigured body.

When they return it is nearing dawn, and the palace is in disarray. It seems Toneni was killed and some think the party did it. With some explanation they are able to disarm the accusations, though are still placed in the custody of the guard to ensure the safety of the lady.

They are released and rush to the lady’s side. They are able to identify the hidden istari and with the help of the elven guard are able to capture it. After questioning they destroy it, tearing its wings from its body.



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