Blood of the Gods

The Land of Stone
Within the Monastery

Inside the monastery there are only a few people who actually speak:
Temba Wide-Arms

The rest are meditating in a large open room. They sit in a circular position, fixed around the center of the room. You can see your faint outline in the dully polished floor, but at the center of the room the stone is rough and untouched.

A man in threadbare violet robes stands in the corner. A homunculus floats near him, scribbling with a quill and paper. The man approaches a monk to listen to his breathe and homunculus follows him, continuing to scribble.

You feel your mind begin to empty, and your breathe anchors you to the room around you. You can hear only the quiet breathe of your companions beside you, and the steady hum of the point of light. The hum grows louder, and you can feel it stretching around you, touching your skin and warming you. You feel the light completely envelope you as you grow calmer, and calmer. The noise is almost deafening now, mutating into a piercing whine.

The humming stops. You feel a warm breeze. The air smells sharp, like spoiled eggs.

You have arrived, though you seem to be in the same room. All the monks are gone however, and the stone is rough and unpolished.

A small lake of lava flows around pillars of earth, gurgling and spewing below the monastery.

On The Road

The spy was destroyed All praises to the Blooded Ravens, the champions of Inara!

A celebration is held by the high-elves for the parties aid in uncovering the celestial plot. The party enjoys themselves (Keldraz and Duin perhaps the most), and the Istari’s body was burned.

Lady Dihena gifts several items to the party, including a Messenger Feather for each member. To Riahl she gave a lock of her hair, enchanted to allow telekinesis. Some riding deer as well.

Eventually, they find themselves at helel elfrel, the bridge to the island where the monastery rests. After a night in the ranger’s station at the bridge they encounter Jack, a human peasant seeking the monastery for religious reasons. He wears simple clothes, and wields a standard short blade, but seems quite proficient with it.

Riahl leads them to the monk’s road. The monk’s road is an underground path carved by elemental magic. It can only be accessed by a display of elemental control (usually burning the stone door is enough).

After going through a twisting tunnel system they reach the entrance. The tunnel expands into a cavern with a huge entrance opening to the world outside. There is a natural spring flowing into the cavern, and several scaleable walls. In the distance, at the edge of the cave (and the world) is the monastery, barely discernible through the mist.

The only way across is by several invisible platforms of force. Using sand and general investigation they are able to discern the location of the platforms and cross, though Riahl nearly falls to his death.

A lone monk meditates on the oak tree.

“You should not have come here, Riahl Diirn.”

Thoughts -- R'aalduin
Altuniak, 3 o'3, 605 AS
I have obtained a log book with which to keep track of my activities. I have notices that time means little to me, and it seems I have difficulty recalling events. I am hoping this log will help me to… remember. Currently, I remember little of my hatching. I know my days were spent in Nephis, but how did I become grown, what have I done since, how did i find myself with these strange companions? They are a ragtag but still i fight for them for I feel a strong bond. I don’t even know how I am skilled with combat. When I sleep, flashes of distant lives awaken me. I see a woman whom I do not know yet sorrowfully miss, I see the God-King commanding me with disdain, I see inns from the slums filled with laughter I do not hear. I see Garrow teaching me the ways of war though I do not know how I know his name. I fear for sleep for I fear for slipping away into tomorrow. There was a cat that spoke, I did not trust it. It spoke in riddles. We followed the path and I found myself at the Lady’s table. She lives well and has much food. All vegetable though, they don’t eat meat! Soon she asks what our quest is and I am curious: I share this question. I learn that the group is working for the Raven, Inara. I do not trust the Bird God though I know not why. We search for a relic, though I know not why. We make way towards a monastery in the morning. The elves bring out some strange plants an burn it. I abstain from it as I see Nahiri takes from it strongly. The cat came back! My group converses with the beast and it speaks of corruption and attempted assassination of the fair lady… I just finished battling a celestial charge with an order to assassinate Lady Dihena! We foiled its plot and interrogated the being. Whilst it was trapped in its cage it called out to me: “Our Father’s forsaken bastard.” I know not what those words mean but my kin-fire flared strangely and my companions looked uneas when the angel claimed that “I would not now through broken thoughts.” What did that mean? Does that have a conenection with my night terrors of forgotten lands? Why did the angel speak as if it knew me? I obtained holy feathers from the angel’s wings and affixed them to my sword which I was granted permission to wield freely in Amakiir after aiding the queen. I am anxious to see where these events take me and my companions.
The Lady of Amakiir

Minds scrambled, our adventurers are set upon by the elvish royal guard. There are nine rangers, and one abjuration wizard. They are led by an androgynous arcane trickster. Erdan will recognize her slowly as Ena, the daughter of the elf lord he served under, Melorn. It seems she is now the Lady of Amakiir.

There is an elvish fort here, formally under control of Istanu’s forces, but the elves were able to take it back a few hours prior, and they are here making repairs and accounting for the dead. Among the dead is a naked elf with a burned face, whose features can’t be distinguished. The bodies of the elves are wrapped and transported back with Dihena.

Either way, they will take the forest path to Amakiir. This path is meant to deter outsiders, and is not visible unless you can speak the passphrase (narmin, or the Raven’s Road). They will enter through the Pass of Yawena to Amakiir.

The city is beautiful, with many different corners to explore.

A cat sitting peacefully on a windowsill outside the library He will raise his head to the adventurers and nod. Erdan addresses it and the cat responds. They share pleasant conversation.

The party has a difficult time understanding the economic system (or lack thereof) and is approached by a gnome offering to cut them into the black market if they need goods.

Eventually a courier comes to fetch the party for dinner. It is a simple meal served at the Sunsword Tower, consisting of a lot of greens, cram, and sogannen. They eat with Lady Dihena and her advisors (one elderly elf man, Tosalal, and one stern elf woman). Dihena inquires about why the party is traveling through Pethro and if they need assistance. As they are leaving the cat Toneni warns them that someone came back different from the reclamation.

They investigate the bodies, and find a ring tan line on the disfigured body.

When they return it is nearing dawn, and the palace is in disarray. It seems Toneni was killed and some think the party did it. With some explanation they are able to disarm the accusations, though are still placed in the custody of the guard to ensure the safety of the lady.

They are released and rush to the lady’s side. They are able to identify the hidden istari and with the help of the elven guard are able to capture it. After questioning they destroy it, tearing its wings from its body.


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